Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Dear Judicial System

Dear Judicial System,

This shit about jury duty is fucking retarded! What’s the point of taking hard working people out of their job forcing them to lose pay for being a jury on a case that they don’t give a fuck about? The whole point of it is just stupid, you should use retired senior citizens for this because they get paid the same whether they sit at home and knit or go out shopping it doesn’t matter and they can afford it.
Taking random people away from their jobs and paying them maybe $5 a day is a fucking joke, I, for one cant afford the pay hit perhaps some people can and woopie-fuckin-doo for them maybe you should get them to serve on your fucking dumbass jury instead of taking people who, for one doesn’t want to, two doesn’t care, and three cant afford to lose out the their pay from there jobs.
You government fucktards should really rethink your system because for one, your hurting several people by forcing them to take pay hits to help decide some stupid ass case they don’t care about and two your punishing people for no reason they haven’t done anything to deserve it.
Also last time I checked America’s slogan was "Land of the Free" where’s the freedom in being forced into jury duty either you go or you don’t and you pay for it with either jail time, a massive fine or both.
The word ‘free’ is defined as:

"enjoying personal liberty; not enslaved"
"enjoying civil or political liberty; self-governing"
"existing under civil liberty, as a country"
"unrestricted in opinion, choice, or action; independent."
In the dictionary, and I don’t see anything relating to it in the way the jury system works, which makes the term "Land of the Free" complete and utter bullshit. It’s not even limited to jury duty, it goes with every thing the government is involved with. Speaking of the government who claims to be ‘for the people’ cause they or you for that matter is far from being ‘for the people’ which makes that term complete bullshit as well. All in all we in America are not free, we’re slaves to the government who makes us believe were free with a shitload of promises and lies that give us hope and being stupid people we are we believe them.
It may sound like I’m pro-terrorist but I am not, I'm against terrorist and am not one myself. I am simply an American who sees the corrupted government for what it is, if only everyone did maybe it would change.
Back to the topic at hand, your god damn fucking piece of shit jury duty policy is nothing but a big steaming pile of rancid garbage, and subjecting people to its foul odor should be against the law. In this so called "Land of the Free" no one should be forced to do anything they don’t want to if they haven’t done anything wrong to deserve it. I hope all your wrong doings blow up in your god damn faces, cause you fucking deserve it!
A Fucking Pissed off American