Saturday, March 11, 2017

Thinking of you

I know if you were here you would say "I told you so", but we all make mistakes.  Some are bigger than others.  But at least I kept the receipts and kept texts.  I hate doing this because for 4+ years Anthony was a caring guy, but he has turned hostile.

I talked to your friend Al the other day, and regularly talk to your dad via facebook.  He is doing good, he married a girl named Jackie who is pretty nice, I've met her.

Really wish you hadn't played that game, you may be with us today.  I Really miss you Ricky, R I P

Love Your Mom


Al M said...


Ryan P said...

Hello Ms Thornton. You don't know me, but I knew your son. Ricky and I used to play games online together and we had so much fun. We talked nearly everyday on MSN Messenger and I considered him a very good friend of mine. He had such a kind heart and soul. After all this time, I still think about him and watch his YouTube videos. The world lost a great person and I wish he knew how important he really was to everybody in his life. I just wanted you to know there are people around the world, like myself in Canada, who's lives were bettered with Ricky's friendship. He was truly one of a kind. Though we never met in person, I considered him a great friend. I can't begin to comprehend what you must still be feeling, but I offer you, his dad and entire family have my sincere condolences. I really miss his goofy personality. 'Till the day we can game again.