Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Miss You


I miss you so much. It still hurts and I think about you each and every day. I can still see you the first time we were allowed to see you. You had that shit eating grin on your face. I believe you were thinking the whole world can go to hell, you didn't care. I am taking care of all your finances for you, and socail security will be my last stop. I am going to file your taxes for you, I know you don't want the government getting one cent more then they deserve, and that is nothing. I need something from you. I need you to let me know somehow what you would want me to do with your games, systems, magazines and such. You know I certainly am not going to try to play them, I have a hard enough time with astroids and space invaders. The swords I am keeping except for the one that your sister has. I am staying up here instead of moving down south, I am afraid your sister might try the same rediculous thing, although not in the same way. I want to be here for her when she needs me, I am not ready for another loss. You know I will be ok someday, but for now I have to hide behind this wall so no one sees the hurt and emptyness I am feeling. Be assured, I will always love you and keep you in my heart.

Your Mother

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