Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Letter to Ricky

Well Ricky, its been over five years since your accident.  I still hope you asked for God's forgiveness, but I will pray that he will spare you.  Its hard to see how far I have come, I am one one med for depression, one for mood swings (keeps my moods calm and stable) one for anxiety which the dr wants to see me off of in six months, so I guess I get to see her again in six months.  By then my puppies would be a year old.  They are six months old now. I forgot to tell you, Sissy passed away three or so weeks ago, I couldn't let her go on dragging herself across the floor and she had quit eating.  When I took her into the vet they gave her some morphine to take all the pain away, she still looked the same, the look in her eyes were blank.  I got me two pugs a boy and a girl.  The little boy is so sweet he is all pug-loving where the little girl is more standoffish, she is smart as the boy is, so far they have found holes in our fencing out here that even we could not find!  The boy Blu has the wide-set eyes and the "Ash" forehead.  The girl Shasta is more the typical pug, all fawn colored and a black mask.  Even Jack has fallen in love with them.  He was mad at first when they first got here but he is more for them then he was at first.  Of course he as well as Dad (thats where I live now) didn't want me to get them but even dad calls them rascals too.

You would hate it down here.  The internet is DSL and is slow.  I can't even play farmville on my pc!

Town is 15 miles one way, they do their grocery shopping one day a month and go to atleast 9 stores.  There are no jobs around here unless you wanted to work as a gas attendant, bottle counter, and various other things for Betty down at the Covered Wagon.  And from what I understand its only P/T.

I guess I came out lucky in this deal.  The Lord is really looking out for me.  He has given me enough money to do the things around this place that need doing and a little spending money.  I am keeping my bills caught up, Jack helped me with the car payment until I got on my feet again financially.

Jack also got me this new phone, its the Samsung Galaxy S Aviator.  I wish I could send you pics but I hope to see you in the afterlife.  I have to go now, its time for me to start dinner.  I love you Ricky.